Hectic Family Schedules? Come Together for a Family Pedicure Day at the Spa

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A pedicure in Myrtle Beach Let’s face it: life can get a little hectic. Between balancing work, family, social obligations and more, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out. It’s not just you, either. Your partner, children, and teens are under unprecedented pressure these days, too. But what if there were a way to strengthen your family bond and get in some much needed TLC at the same time? Well there’s good news, because Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach has the perfect solution: a family pedicure day!

Why a Pedicure Day?

Everyone loves a pedicure. It not only gets your feet looking pretty and ready for spring and summer sandals, but it also helps to relax and destress your entire body. A relaxing soak followed by a luxurious foot and leg massage can be exactly what you need to welcome home to yourself and relieve some of the stress and tension from your daily life. Best of all, pedicures are perfect for any gender.

What Kind of Pedicures Does Cinzia Spa Offer?

Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach has many options for pedicures for you and your family to choose from. Each pedicure is different, but all of them are designed to promote relaxation and wellness while pampering your feet and making them look their best.

The Classic Pedicure

The Classic Pedicure is a relaxing ritual that comes with the essential oil aroma of your choice. First, your feet will soak in a luxurious epsom salt and arnica foot soak. Then, your cuticles will be pampered with organic shea butter. Your nails will be shaped, your cuticles trimmed, and your toenails painted in the color of your choice. Toenail color is of course optional for those who wish to keep their nails polish free.

The Tropical Pedicure

Your Tropical Pedicure ritual begins with a milk bath foot soak. Your feet are then pampered with a hydrating sugar scrub which exfoliates and leaves feet feeling soft and smooth. Next, your feet are treated with a hydrating mask, and your lower legs and feet are massaged with vitamin enriched massage oil.

Signature Detoxifying Pedicure

Our Signature Detoxifying Pedicure uses shea butter as its star ingredient to moisturize skin and soothe away muscle aches. We use an arnica and shea butter epsom salt soak to relax the muscles before scrubbing away dead skin and stress with our shea butter scrub. We then perform a classic pedicure with a shea butter massage that contains both organic shea butter and anti-aging probiotics.

Dazzle Dry Pedicure

For those looking for a polish that really packs a pop of color, we offer Dazzle Dry polish. Dazzle dry is a quick drying polish that is both non-toxic and long lasting.

The CBD Pedicure

The CBD Pedicure ritual uses CBD oil to help relax and de-stress the body. It begins with a relaxing truffle foot soak, and continues with a soothing foot and leg massage, using Restore Balm. Restore Balm is enriched with paracress and CBD oil, which is great for relieving tension.

Bonding with the family with pedicures is a great way to relax and catch your breath while leaving your troubles aside for a few hours. Let your gang pick the pedicure ritual that suits their individual needs and relax together. It will not only bring you closer together, it will get your toes in shape for the warmer weather headed our way! To book your family spa day, contact Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach today.