August is Wellness Month

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meditation at Myrtle Beach

Here at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we take wellness seriously. From our professional spa massages to our fitness center, wellness is at the core of everything we do. But wellness isn’t just a spa concept. It should be something that we practice every day in our daily lives.

This August is Wellness Month, and to celebrate, we’re sharing some tips for wellness in the workplace, to help you keep your center and feel well throughout the week, no matter what stress life and work throws at you.


Meditation is a time-honored practice that helps us tune out the outside world and find inner balance and peace. Best of all it requires no investment, and it can be done anywhere, at any time- including at the office. Not sure how to start? There are many youtube videos and smart device apps to help your meditation journey along. Start by finding a quiet place to meditate, and follow along with the advice of your app or other instructor. Try to carve out at least 5-10 minutes, more if possible.

Take a Break

It’s easy to keep working without a break, especially if you are on a roll, or if you work from home and the hours seem to blend into each other. But taking a break can be essential to your mental and physical health. Sitting or standing in one place for hours can also take its toll on you physically, so getting a change of scenery to rest your eyes from all that screen time or to get your blood flowing in your legs by taking a walk for 20 minutes can be extremely beneficial.

Drink Water

You hear it all the time, but most Americans simply don’t drink enough water. Water helps keep our blood flowing properly and just makes us feel better. It also keeps us hydrated on these hot summer days, and replaces lost fluids. Plus it gives us an excuse to go refill our bottle and maybe say hello to our friends and coworkers around the water cooler.


Stretching your muscles after sitting or standing in one place for a long period of time is another great way to get the blood flowing and to feel more energized to go about your day. It also can alleviate stress, which is inevitable at even the most laid back job.

Make Every Day A Spa Day

A membership to a spa with a fitness center that offers discounted spa services, such as the membership packages we offer here at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach is an excellent way to make sure you are caring for yourself every single day. Not only can you get fitter, you can alleviate stress and get some much needed me time.

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