Can Body Wraps Really Help You Relax?

Body wrap. It sounds snuggly, doesn’t it?

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spa body wrap treatment in Myrtle Beach For a long time, this treatment has been a popular method for instant weight loss. But the benefits of wrapping go beyond your waistline.

What Exactly Is a Body Wrap?

A body wrap is more than a spa treatment, it’s an indulgent and well-deserved experience that leaves you feeling as though you’ve emerged from a cocoon. Besides benefits like weight loss and repairing cellulite-damaged skin, a body wrap in Myrtle Beach is the perfect way to unwind, exhale, and just be.

Relax with a Body Wrap in Myrtle Beach

There is no denying that body wraps are relaxing. Think of that feeling you get when you climb into fresh bedsheets. In a similar way, body wraps cocoon you in hydration. For busy people, it’s the perfect way to force yourself to relax and reap the benefits of a wrap. In fact, it doesn’t matter what impact the wrap has on your skin or cellulite, the number one benefit is being forced to lay still and just become one with yourself.

If you’re in need of definitive unwind time, our Ultimate Zen treatment is exactly what you’re looking for. During the process, your body is scrubbed, hydrated, and then warm shea butter is gently stroked onto your skin. As you soak up the bliss of your wrap, you can give in to the sensations of a hot oil scalp massage to induce a Zen state of calm and relaxation you’ve been longing for.

What to Expect From a Body Wrap

A body wrap usually starts with a gentle exfoliation or scrub to work away dead skin cells and reveal fresh, glowing skin. Some body wraps work better when your skin is a little damp, so you may be asked to have a quick shower or step into a steam room. When your skin is ready, a body mask is applied to your arms, legs, and torso. The ingredients in the mask depend upon the type of treatment you choose. Herbal pastes, algae, clay, and mud are common, but it’s not unusual to find paraffin wax, fresh fruit, and even aloe vera in a body mask. Once the mask is applied to your body, you’re swaddled in a plastic sheet and warm towels, or even a thermal blanket. Then, you can lie back, focus on your breathing and completely relax for the duration of your treatment. In fact, you won’t have a choice. The heat of the wrap alone works to relax your muscles, encourage healthy sweating, and open up your pores.

The Health and Skin Benefits of a Body Wrap

It doesn’t matter what type of body wrap in Myrtle Beach you get; your skin will emerge beautifully silky and moisturized. Regardless of your wrap’s ingredients, body wraps are ultra-hydrating, so wrapping your body up and adding heat only intensifies the effects. When your skin feels nourished and glowing, don’t you feel more relaxed?

What’s more, many of the materials used in body wraps aim to draw toxins out of your body, providing a refreshing skin detox. That means that after your wrap, your skin looks and feels clean, renewed, and healthier.

While a body wrap may sound like pure torture to busy people, sometimes we need to put our electronics away and focus on nothing more than our breathing. There’s no better way to welcome yourself home to yourself and completely relax while reaping the skin and health benefits of an indulgent spa body wrap.

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