Why Massages At Cinzia Spa Are Better

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Spa massages are better for you

We’ve probably all seen those chain massage stores at the local mall or strip mall. They supposedly specialize in massages only, but is that really a good thing? At Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we know that massages at a spa are simply better. Here’s why you should skip the massage shop and join us at the spa for the total massage experience.

No Conveyor Belt Massages

Massage has many mental health benefits, including total body relaxation. But when it comes to those fast in, fast out massage establishments, how can you possibly relax? You’re seated in an uncomfortable waiting room while you wait for your treatment, then quickly ushered through your massage so your overworked therapist can help the next client on time. There’s no time to relax your muscles after your treatment, and likely no other amenities to enjoy post treatment, either.

At Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we not only allow you to relax in our facilities post treatment, we have many amenities you are welcome to use following any of the services we provide here at the spa. We also offer many treatments that you can schedule before or after your massage to make it a relaxing day of self care.

Changing Hands

At some massage shops, there is high turnover among employees, meaning if you find a therapist that truly works well with your body, they may not be there for long. Here at Cinzia Spa, many of our massage therapists have been here for years, and have earned a reputation for excellence among regulars and new clients alike.

Variety of Technique

At Cinzia Spa, our massage therapists are trained in a variety of massage techniques to suit your individual needs. Whether you are an athlete, recovering from injury, or just want to relax and renew, our therapists can help.

The Sound Of Silence

At Cinzia Spa, our private treatment rooms are not only soothing and comfortable, they are silent and peaceful, meaning you won’t hear the chaos of a crowded lobby or parking lot during your massage escape.

Product Knowledge

Are you looking for a product to take home and extend the effects of your massage? Perhaps you’d like to add some soothing essential oils or CBD products to your wellness routine. Our spa gift shop can help you bring the massage experience home, with quality products, and without high pressure sales tactics.

No matter what reason you are seeking the soothing effects of massage therapy, Cinzia Spa can help. We pride ourselves on being a relaxing, safe environment where you can truly unwind and enjoy your massage experience or spa treatment. If you are interested in booking a massage or any other experience, please contact Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach today.