Sports Massage Therapy for Golfers to Improve Your Game

Create body-mind harmony with regular golfer’s massages

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Sports Massage Therapy for Golfers Myrtle Beach Golf might not be a high-contact sport, but golfers can still sustain a variety of different injuries. Sports massage can be an excellent way to assist both the prevention and healing of golf-related injuries. In fact, a sports massage is the perfect way to increase flexibility and improve your golf game when you hit the links in Myrtle Beach.

Golf demands physical and repetitive movements. This means golfers can sustain injuries to their: Shoulders, Lower back, Knees, Feet, Elbows

It’s important to have good mobility and strength to perform an effective swing over a course of 18 to 36 holes.

The Main Golfing Muscles

Golf demands the use of major muscle groups, including:

1. Shoulders

Your shoulders support your club at the top of your swing and add speed as an extension of your core.

2. Lower Back

Golf posture is pertinent during your swing and when you’re putting.

3. Upper Back

Your upper back maintains spine angle for ease of turning on your backswing and your follow-through.

4. Glutes

Your glutes maintain flexion in your hips, helping you produce a golf squat for a more powerful swing.

5. Quadriceps and Hamstrings

Your quadriceps allow for knee flexion and golf posture, while your hamstrings help you transfer your weight on the back and downswings for maximum power.

6. The Core

Your stomach muscles produce maximum power from your pivot, helping you create torque on your backswing.

The Benefits of Sports Massage in Myrtle Beach

Having a massage both before and after hitting the golf range right here in Myrtle Beach can have both an emotional and physical impact on the quality of your game and your recovery. A sports massage can:

  • Stimulate blood flow – treating yourself to a pre-game massage stimulates blood flow, minimizing soreness and stiffness after a game. It also helps your mind and muscles relax, allowing you to be more focused on your performance.
  • Enhance flexibility – if you’re battling to perfect your swing or struggling with tight muscles, sports massage therapy is essential. It helps relax the muscles and enhance your body’s flexibility, helping you move freely through every swing. Sports massage also lessens injuries that you could suffer if your muscles are tight.
  • Strengthen weak points – a massage can help strengthen your weak points, like your shoulders or legs. This is why a massage before a game is important to ensure you’re on top form.

Welcome Home to Yourself

A massage can help improve your performance and boost your overall health. Regular sports massages will prevent injuries and muscle stiffness both during and after your games. Massages also improve flexibility, a must in golf. Sports massage therapy for golfers has plenty of other benefits, too, from reducing injuries to enhancing your performance, while helping to clear your mind for better focus on the course. It’s the perfect way to tune into your inner golfer and make sure you play your best game, every time.

Boost Your Game with Sports Massage Therapy

Golfing in Myrtle Beach Make massage part of your game for improved performance. Massage should be a crucial element of any sport. It helps to alleviate stiffness and pain while encouraging relaxation and circulation. For avid golfers, it’s all about finding spots where stiffness and pain impact your game, relaxing those points, and restoring motion and flexibility.

Golf isn’t an easy sport. It requires adequate training, knowledge, and expertise. Massage can help optimize your golf game and help you unwind after a day on the course in Myrtle Beach.

Isn’t it time you took care of you? With a golfer’s massage, you can take a deep breath and unwind as your shoulders, hips, and lower back are worked on to relieve tension and improve circulation. Let go of the day’s game and enjoy the benefits of sports massage therapy for golfers before getting back out on the range.

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