Rejuvenate Your Skin With the SWiCH System

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The SWiCH in Myrtle Beach Exfoliation is one of the easiest ways to improve skin's appearance and reverse the signs of aging. Deep exfoliation is achieved, typically, through a chemical peel. While the process leads to skin repairing itself and restoring your youthful glow it does cause a certain amount of injury to the skin, which results in some downtime before your rejuvenated complexion is uncovered.

Enter the SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation System. Through the artful use of science and technology, the SWiCH System encourages the skin's own natural ability to repair itself. The result? An immediate boost to your complexion, leaving your skin with the look and feel of radiant youth.

The Science of Aging

As you age your skin backs off on the production of collagen and elastin, two of the main components in vibrant, healthy skin. When skin becomes damaged your body naturally responds with an infusion of collagen and elastin to repair and heal the injured cells.

Lack of production of these two important components results in thinning and sagging skin. With limited collagen and elastin production, your skin is unable to respond to damage as it once was.

In addition to aging’s effect on your collagen and elastin production, your cells sustain damage due to exposure to environmental elements such as UV rays and pollution. With each passing year your exposure to these harmful free radicals increases, as does their impact on your skin cells.

Over time, the combination of the slowdown in skin’s healing components and unavoidable (and avoidable) exposure to those elements that threaten your skin results in sagging, sallow, hyper-pigmented skin, along with those infamous signs of aging-lines and wrinkles. These signs of aging not only take a toll on your skin, they can take a toll on your self esteem, too. By treating your skin to a repairing treatment, you can improve both the condition of your skin, and improve your mental health, too

How The SWiCH System Works

When skin is damaged the mitochondria, a cellular powerhouse present in all your body’s cells, answers the call to arms and begins the job of cell respiration; That is, rebuilding skin’s cells by creating energizing molecules. Through metabolizing nutrients and rebuilding cells mitochondria restore the health of your skin.

The revolutionary SWiCH System uses natural skin repair and your body’s amazing ability to heal itself by promoting all of your skin’s natural rebuilding mechanisms. By infusing skin with the nutrients and energy necessary for the mitochondria to do its job, the SWiCH System generates natural skin repair in a manner which is similar to how your body metabolizes food.

The multi-step process allows energizing nutrients to penetrate your skin. The result is a revving-up of your natural skin repair mechanism. With each monthly treatment your skin becomes stronger, more resilient, and you look years younger. Results are seen immediately and become even more noticeable as treatment progresses, improving your skin and hopefully your self-image, too.

The Difference Between the SWiCH System and Traditional Peels

For nearly half a century chemical peels have been utilized to promote a younger, brighter appearance and eliminate certain signs of aging. While chemical peels produce results they do come at a cost. The damage to your tissue can cause other issues if repeated, and your skin is already suffering from aging and environmental factors. Why cause more damage in order to promote a healing response?

With a chemical peel your skin suffers damage. There’s downtime while the sunburn-like sting and redness fade. With the SWiCH System natural skin repair is triggered, but without injury to your skin. Your mitochondrial response is triggered and skin begins to rejuvenate without the harsh treatment of a chemical peel.

Who Benefits From The SWiCH System

The in-clinic treatment is designed for patients who are in their early-, to mid-30’s and up. This revolutionary skin rejuvenation system not only works to reverse the signs of aging already present, but will also help to slow the pace of the aging process. The science behind the SWiCH System works to turn up your cellular response to the elements and aging.

For more on how you can halt the signs of cell damage and reverse aging contact Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach. We are proud to serve the Myrtle Beach area and look forward to helping reveal a more vibrant and younger-looking you!