How To Spoil Your Teen For a Great School Year

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Teenagers need self care too The school year is stressful for teens, and this year more so than ever. They’re either adjusting to online schooling, attending a new school, or returning to their regular school under uncertain condi-tions, all the while trying to balance assignments with a social life, and generally dealing with teenage angst and pressure.

Sources of Teen Stress

As kids enter the teen years, it’s natural that their stress grows. Social relationships are especially important at this time, but your teen is also dealing with increasing academic demands, hormones, and changes to their skin and body.

On the bright side, you can help your teen deal with stress in Myrtle Beach, and enjoy a great year with these tips.

Make Time for One Another

Try to spend some alone time with your teen. Even if your son or daughter doesn’t want one-on-one time, they will still notice that you offered. Be there for them, whether it’s attending his or her plays, games, or sitting through concerts. Show your teen that they have your support.

Get Physical

Exercise helps to burn off stress hormones and helps the body relax. But, with hormones raging, sweat and dirt can also wreak havoc on your teen’s skin. A teen facial helps support hormonal challenges, cleansing deep into the pores and exfoliating the skin to keep acne at bay. A soothing green tea mask helps to draw out impurities, leaving your teen’s skin brighter and smoother.

Keep the Connection

If you see your teen is feeling stressed, plan some special time with them. Even a quick teen mani-cure is a great way to spoil her and help her unwind. She can choose her preferred polish color while her nails and cuticles are tidied and pampered.

Make Sure Your Teen Is Sleeping

For teenagers, one of the biggest stressors is not enough quality sleep. Teenagers need around 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night. Help your teen to relax by encouraging reading, walking, relaxing baths, and listening to music.

Better yet, treat him or her to a massage. A teen massage can help your son or daughter relax, prac-tice deep breathing, relieve tension, and encourage better sleep.

Take a Breather

One quick way to help your teen relax is to encourage deep breathing. When we’re anxious, we tend to breathe from our chest instead of the stomach, making for shallow breaths.

Instead, lie on the floor with your teen and put one hand on your chest and the other over your stomach. Take a deep breath and feel your stomach inflate and deflate as you both exhale your stress and worries.

If you and your teen aren’t that keen on some quiet breathing time, treat your teen to a pampering pedicure, complete with their favorite scent, a foot soak, nail shaping and cuticle care, finished off with their favorite polish color.

Encourage Time Out

Relaxation means something different to everyone. Some teens find it relaxing to sit and listen to music with no other distractions, while others like to practice deep breathing. There are those, though, who prefer some alone time with you at the spa for a pampering treat that leaves him or her feeling refreshed, relaxed, and clear-headed.

Whatever it is, the idea is to find things that help your teen unwind, disconnect, and feel great. Whether it’s a quick pedicure, a relaxing massage or a gentle facial designed to control all those hormonal changes they are going through, spending quality spa time with your teen is sure to en-courage a more relaxing and enjoyable school year.

Leaving the spa, your teen is sure to be ready for any academic and social challenges that lay ahead this school year.

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