Are Your Hands Showing Signs of Winter? 8 Tips For Beautifying Your Hands

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A manicure treatment in Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach winters are notoriously harsh on your delicate hands, and this winter, in particular. In addition to the cooler weather causing your skin to chap, and the dry indoor heat robbing you of moisture, continued use of hand sanitizer and frequent washing only adds to your woes. Here are 8 tips for beautifying your hands in winter, and always.


After you wash your hands, apply a good quality moisturizer. Not only will the emollient-rich cream soothe your dry, parched skin but a higher-end moisturizer designed specifically for hands, not face, will offer protection against chafing, chapping and the toll cold weather takes on exposed skin.

Wash the Right Way for Beautifying Your Hands

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned over and over in the last several months it’s how to wash our hands “the right way.” Before you lather up and start singing Happy Birthday you may want to make some changes so you’re not just washing away germs but beautifying your hands as well.

● Find a moisturizing soap to use on your hands, especially if you wash frequently. It isn’t necessary to use an antibacterial or antiseptic soap to wash away potential viruses. The simple act of washing your hands with soap and water is enough. ● Don’t use water that is too hot as it can damage your skin. ● Pat dry and never rub aggressively.

Use An Exfoliating Skin Scrub

Exfoliate to get rid of dry skin on your hands at least once a week, or more in the winter time. A DIY sugar scrub is a great way to keep your skin from having a dry and lackluster appearance and is essential for beautifying your hands. Just massage the scrub all over your hands then rinse with warm water and apply your hand moisturizer.

Protect Your Hands

Winter weather and indoor heat make the skin on your hands more fragile than usual. When you’re doing household chores, or working outside, make sure you protect your hands by wearing the appropriate gloves. For an extra dose of care moisturize your hands before slipping on your gloves.

File the Right Way

It’s not just the skin on your hands that takes a beating in winter weather. Your nails and cuticles deserve some attention as well. When you file, do it in one direction to prevent shredding the nail. Dry, brittle winter nails are easily damaged when you file back and forth.

Moisturize Your Cuticles and Nails Beds

No matter how amazing your hand cream, your nail beds and cuticles need special attention when you’re beautifying your hands. Invest in a good quality cuticle cream or oil and massage it in each evening before bed. This prevents dry, ragged cuticles from forming and promotes healthy nail growth.

Eat Right For Beautifying Your Hands And The Rest of Your Body Too

The skin on your hands, like the skin on your face and all over your body, benefits from a healthy diet. Vitamins A, C and E, are necessary to healthy cell growth. Your fingernails need protein, calcium and certain other minerals to grow strong. If you feel as though your diet doesn’t contribute to healthy skin and nails consider a multi vitamin and other supplements to help in beautifying your hands and ensuring your overall health.

Pamper Your Hands

Indulge in a manicure at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach that pampers your hands. Avoid acrylic nails and opt instead for more natural nail care treatments like our Dazzle Dry polish line. Seek out a self care treatment for your hands that offers professional exfoliation, massage and deep moisture to restore supple appearance and soothe dry skin, such as the Tropical Manicure. Make sure your nails get the spa treatment too. Nails that are shaped and well-tended appear lovely and healthy. Both women and men should aim for regular manicures throughout the winter months especially. And don’t neglect your feet! Schedule a pedicure at the same time. You won’t regret it!

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