Get Your Feet Ready For Winter – Ultimate Luxury Pedicures

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luxury pedicures during the winter in Myrtle Beach When winter sets in, there are those of us who let out a sigh of relief. The beach days may be fading away, but winter means less time spent waxing or shaving and tending to your feet. After all, those toes are about to be hidden for a few months. But pedicures actually do so much more than keep your toenails neat and pretty. They nourish your overworked feet – feet that often take a beating in the colder months.
Whether you’re an avid winter walker, suffer from circulation issues or keep your feet cooped up in shoes and stockings all day long, you still need regular pedicures, and now is the perfect time to treat yourself to the ultimate pedicure.

Not convinced? Here are our top reasons to book regular pedicures during the winter.

Not convinced? Here are our top reasons to book regular pedicures during the winter.

1.Save Yourself the Pain

Pedicures really aren’t just about making your nails neat and colorful. Regular pedicures can save you discomfort and pain in the long run. When you ignore your feet, especially during winter when they’re hidden in socks and stockings, they become calloused and dry. They may even crack and bleed. But salon moisturizing and exfoliating will keep your feet healthy and smooth, saving you the worry of pain and discomfort later on.

2. Keep Your Feet Smooth and Soft

If you put off getting pedicures during the colder seasons, you’ll quickly notice just how dry and rough your feet get. Extreme dryness doesn’t just lead to cracked heels but can lead to a host of other issues. Don’t wait for this to happen, rather book an appointment as a preventative measure. Our pampering classic pedicure includes an arnica and Epsom salt soak, an aroma of your choice, cuticle care, and polish. It’s the ideal way to keep your feet smooth, soft, and beautiful all year round.

3. You’ll Please Your Partner

Dry winter feet can grate on the person sleeping next to you, especially if you develop sharp calluses. Regular pedicures include the removal of dry, hard skin, leaving your feet less like sandpaper and more like silk.

  1. You Can Go Barefoot It might be winter, but at some point, you’re going to have to go barefoot. Whether it’s when you’re visiting someone’s home or just to take a shower, you’ll be without socks and shoes at some point. Save yourself the embarrassment of overgrown toenails and cracked heels by keeping up a regular pedicure schedule. Our tropical pedicure is a luxurious way to ensure your feet are hydrated, soft, and smooth throughout the winter. With a hydrating sugar scrub, milk bath soak, a hydrating mask, and an indulgent foot and lower leg massage, you’re sure to feel like you’re walking on clouds all winter long.
    5. Detect Problems Early On

    When you keep up with your pedicures in the winter, you have a better chance of detecting potential problems, such as corns or fungal infections. While a pedicure won’t cure such problems, your therapist can let you know if it’s time to see a professional. A signature detoxifying pedicure at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach has been designed to encourage healthy feet and nails while detoxifying and relaxing those hard-working feet. The nourishing use of shea butter, paraffin, and anti-aging probiotics all work together to seal in moisture and keep those toes and feet silky-soft throughout winter, and all year.

    6. Food for Your Feet

    Pedicures don’t just keep winter dryness at bay, they also provide much-needed food for your feet. The soaks and scrubs leave your feet soft and hydrated, making sure your feet are smooth and supple no matter how cold and dry it is outside.

Treat yourself to a luxury pedicure this winter at Cinzia Spa In Myrtle Beach.