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CBD Treatments & Rituals

For Exquisite Skin and Balanced Body and Mind. Organically grown, farmed in Colorado, watered with the snowmelt from the highest peaks of the Rockies. Food grade, heat free extraction and free of chemical solvents. Full transparency from seed to shelf.

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    • Restore Massage  •  $145 | $195 | $245

      Access all the mind body benefits of CBD alongside an infusion of age-defying paracress plant extract in this restorative, hydrating massage.

    • Relief Massage  •  $155 | $205 | $255

      Deliver soothing relief to the whole body and targeted attention to sore back, joints, hands, and feet with gently warming, tingling cayenne and arnica.

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    • Restore Wrap  •  $155

      Revitalize from head to toe after everyday exposure to the elements with this warm shea butter, lotus, and CBD wrap that nourishes the body and the mind. Firming paracress plant extract offers age defying benefits for the skin, while a grounding foot massage with warming cayenne and CBD brings relief from aches and pains.

    • Body Polish  •  $145

      Invigorate and replenish the skin and invite harmony to the mind with this luxurious sugar, salt, shea, and CBD body polish. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, highly effective for all skin types, the polish is tailored to your needs. Then, soothing arnica and CBD infused oil is applied in long strokes for impeccable, glowing skin.

    • Scalp Treatment  •  $95

      Energize and revitalize the scalp with this warm infusion of CBD, Icelandic moss and coconut oil. Gentle rhythmic massage is used in combination with the warm oil to relax, ease muscle tension, and stimulate circulation.

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    • Body in Balance Ritual  •  $425

      Bring your system into its deepest state of harmony with this mind-body ritual that includes a scrub, wrap, scalp serum, and massage. Your service begins with a CBD Vitality Elixir water infusion.

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    • Vitality Booster  •  $10

      Maximize the benefits of your service with a CBD Vitality Elixir water infusion.

    • CBD Enhancement  •  $25

      Relieve muscle aches and ease tension with this warming cayenne, arnica and CBD service that provides extra care for a specific area.

Service charges are not included in pricing.
For your convenience, a 20% service charge is added upon check-out.