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5 Unique Ingredients at Cinzia Spa

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unique ingredients used in spa treatments at Cinzia Spa When it comes to spa treatments, not all rituals are created equally. What defines a great service is a combination of three things: technician, technique, and products. Without all three of these key elements, you’re missing out on the total spa experience. That’s why at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we make sure every treatment offers these three key elements. From our beloved therapists to our relaxing and effective treatment techniques, we offer the best spa services on the Grand Strand. But we’re not your standard spa. We also offer treatments with unique products that boast unique ingredients that enhance and improve your spa journey. Here are just a few of those ingredients, and how they can help make your spa experience even better.


CBD Oil has been around for decades, but is just now gaining popularity as an ingredient in spa rituals. It promotes feelings of relaxation and calm, and soothes as it is applied to the skin. At Cinzia Spa, we use CBD in treatments including massages and our Body Polish and our Restore Wrap.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt has been found to help reduce inflammation and balance the central nervous system and the body’s meridians. That’s why we use it in treatments such as the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Escape. We even have a Himalayan Salt Suite, where you can relax in the warm glow of our Himalayan salt wall and reap its many body benefits.

Fijian Sugar

Just like not all rituals are created equally, neither are all sugars. At Cinzia Spa, we only use the finest sugar scrub, made with Fijian sugar cane. Fijian sugar rituals include our Island Sugar Glow, an exfoliating and moisturizing body glow, and the Tropical Manicure and Tropical Pedicure.

Riberry, Muntries and Pepperberries

Riberry, Muntries and Pepperberries hail from Australia, and are used in our Triple Berry Brightening Facial. The Triple Berry Brightening Facial brightens the skin as it hydrates, offering anti-inflammatory properties that keep the skin calm and glowing.


What could be sweeter than honey on your lips? Our Hydro-Lux Honey Lip Treatment uses this all natural sweetener to exfoliate and plump the lips, and is available as an add-on to any of our spa facial treatments.

No matter which ingredients you want to try in your next spa service, Cinzia Spa has the technicians, techniques, and products to give you a ritual you will never forget. To book a service using any of these special ingredients or to book any other service, please contact Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach today.