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Amazing Benefits Of A Fijian Scalp Massage

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Fijian scalp massage in Myrtle Beach Therapeutic massage does wonders for tired, sore muscles. Your body feels rejuvenated, energized, and transformed. The physical benefits of massage continue to provide a healthy boost to your immune system for days. There’s no doubt therapeutic massage should be included as a part of your regular self-care routine.

But there is one area of your body that is likely woefully neglected-your scalp. Sure, you take care to wash, condition and style your hair, keep regular salon appointments and maybe even boost your biotin intake, but you could be doing more.

You know that luxurious feeling you get when someone at the salon washes your hair? The knots in your neck loosen up, and you feel a sense of relaxation throughout your entire body as this simple act works to relieve stress and tension. Imagine a massage dedicated to your scalp, along with an ancient and all natural proven treatment to make your hair strong, shiny and healthy. That’s the Fijian Scalp Massage used in our Island Scalp Treatment in Myrtle Beach.

The Benefits of Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is similar to a back or body massage in that it works to ease tightness and tension by massaging and relaxing your head. Surprisingly, for many first-timers, the scalp massage feels amazing and helps to ease tension in your head, neck and shoulders in a way that a body massage cannot.

Just as with a body massage, having your scalp massaged improves circulation and blood flow. According to a 2016 study, scalp massage improves hair growth and increases hair thickness by stretching the cells of the hair follicles which lie beneath the surface of your scalp.

The nerves in your scalp are very close to the surface. Stimulating these nerves through touch provides the same benefit to your scalp as a deep tissue massage does to other areas of your body. Massaging the scalp increases serotonin, just as body massage, which will help to alleviate and prevent tension headaches, and even reduce the frequency of chronic headaches and migraines. Your mood lifts and your nervous system achieves balance.

Why Fijian Scalp Massage Is Next Level

All the glorious benefits of scalp massage are only enhanced and improved through Fijian Scalp Massage. This ancient island ritual takes your scalp massage to a whole new level with the addition of healing and nurturing exotic nut oils that have been used in the islands for centuries as a way to promote healthy and luxurious hair.

As the warm oil is drizzled onto your head from the traditional coconut bowl and massaged into your scalp, it imparts the nutrients necessary to feed your cells, promoting healthy growth. Your hair drinks in these beneficial oils which immediately strengthen and condition your hair. The luster, shine and softness lasts beyond your Fijian Scalp Massage, through the next few shampoos, preventing hair breakage and split ends.

A Fijian Scalp Massage also promotes a healthy scalp. Styling tools, winter weather and indoor heat can take a toll on all of your skin, including your scalp. While you can apply lotion to your body, it’s not really doable when it comes to your scalp. With a Fijian Scalp Massage, the healing oils are massaged into your skin leaving your scalp moisturized and supple for days. No more itchiness or unsightly flakes from a dry scalp or dandruff.

Enjoy The Benefits Of A Fijian Scalp Massage Today

At Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we’re proud to offer the ancient art of Fijian Scalp Massage as an enhancement to your self-care. Your scalp will feel rejuvenated, and your hair will truly be your crowning glory. If you’re ready to enjoy the multitude of benefits from Fijian Scalp Massage, contact Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach today and schedule your appointment.