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5 Reasons to Give Her a Spa Day for Valentine's Day

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A Valentine’s spa day is the perfect gift Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to express our deep love and gratitude to those who mean the most to us. What better way to show your special someone, be it your significant other, mother, sister or best friend, how much she means to you than with a day filled with indulgence and self-care?

The gift of a spa day for Valentine's Day is the perfect way to say “I love you” to the woman (or man) in your life. A spa day combines indulgence, self care and restorative health in one beautiful package. From the time your Valentine arrives they will be treated with the utmost care and attention by our professional staff. Your beloved will be pampered in a way that only Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach can provide.

5 Reasons a Spa Day for Valentine's Day is The Perfect Gift

Think about everything that your special someone means to you and all that you long to give her. The list is likely endless. How can you sum up all that you feel for your loved one in just one gift during a single 24 hours? You can’t. But a spa day provides a way to tell her she means the world to you and you want nothing more than her health and happiness. Here are five reasons to give her the gift of a spa day.

Physical Health

There exist a whole slew of health benefits that come from a day spent at Cinzia Spa. We offer a wellness circuit that includes Infrared Sauna, Cryotherapy and Himalayan Salt Therapy. Your loved one will come away feeling restored and renewed in body and soul. Our massages relax those tired muscles and take your Valentine to a new level of stress relief. Our sauna, therapies and massage benefit the immune system, preserving the health and wellness of the one you live the most.

So Many Ways to Relieve Stress

There’s no doubt we’re all under immense stress every day. Sometimes just the slightest touch and attention can lift the world right off your shoulders. Whether she chooses one of our signature mani-pedi's treatments, skin rejuvenating facials, body renewal treatments or personalized rituals tailored just for her, we promise to chase her stress away.

Detoxifying Treatments

Not only will your Valentine leave the stress behind, but she will also enjoy the detoxifying process that comes from a spa day. Massage flushes the lymph nodes of stored toxins, infrared sauna purges the accumulated toxic compounds from her body via perspiration, our signature sugar glow scrub reveals healthy new skin and just the simple gift of a day away alleviates stress and allows her to relax-a key component in detoxification.

Confidence Boost

It’s so easy to get mired in the day to day and busy-ness of life that you neglect yourself and forget to prioritize your own needs. We all do it, but when you are a caregiver and nurturer you often tend to put others' needs before your own. Does this sound like your special someone? If so a boost to their confidence may be long overdue. Give her (or him) a reason to walk taller by giving the gift of a spa day. Our signature facials are designed to restore and renew skin’s health while improving the complexion and reducing the signs of aging. Add on a lip exfoliation to reveal a softer, plumper pout, a wax or brow and lash tint. CBD body renewal rituals restore balance and improve skin’s appearance. And all of our treatments offer renewal for body and soul, the best confidence booster there is!

Make the Statement You Really Care

What is Valentine’s Day if not a special time to let your beloved know you care about their health and wellbeing. Give your special someone a day full of pampering that’s like nothing else. Give the gift of relaxation, stress relief and a healthy, confident glow when you give her a spa day for Valentines Day.

Cinzia Spa offers signature spa treatment for couples as well. Consider a treat for both of you to celebrate your special relationship.
Say “I love you” with more than words this Valentine’s Day. Give the gift of a spa day to your special someone and deepen your relationship while showing her (Or him!) just how much they mean to you. Contact Cupid’s helpers at Cinzia Spa in North Myrtle Beach. We’ll help you set up the perfect spa day for your Valentine.