What Makes Professional Exfoliation Better Than At Home Options?

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Professional Exfoliation in Myrtle Beach Exfoliation involves the removal of dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin. The result is fresher, smoother skin that’s better able to absorb your beauty products. Exfoliation plays an important role in both body treatments and facials, but it’s a double-edged sword. It’s easy to overdo things, especially at home with the wrong products for your skin and overly zealous scrubbing.

With a professional exfoliation treatment, you don’t have to worry about damaging your skin. There are two types of professional exfoliation to choose from that will ensure your skin is never over exfoliated and properly looked after.

Different Types of Professional Exfoliation

Exfoliation comes in two forms: chemical and mechanical. Chemical exfoliation uses acids like powerful facial peels and fruit enzymes to dissolve the glue-like substance that holds your cells together. On the other hand, mechanical exfoliation rubs your dead skin cells off with a type of abrasive such as a diamond-tip microdermabrasion machine or jojoba seeds.

Chemical exfoliation typically involves the use of enzymes, beta hydroxy acids or alpha hydroxy acids to loosen cellular bonds and slough away a layer of skin. Facial peels are a good example. Chemical peels can be aggressive or gentle and body treatments may use milder exfoliants such as pineapple enzymes.

A body scrub or salt scrub are examples of mechanical exfoliation that may use coffee grounds, sugar or skin brushing. For the face, scrubs include small, gentle abrasives such as jojoba heads. Microdermabrasion is a more aggressive mechanical exfoliation that uses particles to rub against the skin and knock dead cells lose.

The Benefits of Professional Exfoliation

With exfoliation, there’s a fine line between sloughing away dead skin cells and over scrubbing your skin. When you leave it to the professionals, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Bye-bye blemishes – with the right exfoliation for your skin, we can fade post-breakout marks and remove damaged skin cells for healthy skin tissue growth.
  • Unclogged pores – exfoliation draws out congestion like whiteheads and blackheads, especially around the forehead, chin, and nose.
  • Nourished skin – when the skin is dehydrated or dry, you tend to get flakey or scaly areas. These can be exfoliated away to bring out fresh, nourished skin that is better able to absorb your moisturizers.
  • Faded pigment – pigmentation is dark areas that come with hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, and age. With professional exfoliation and the right technique for your issues, pigmented cells can be broken up and encouraged to fade. Regular spa exfoliation also promotes healthier skin making sure these areas fade.
  • No more painful ingrown hairs – when you have your bikini line or legs waxed, it involves pulling hair from the root. While the hair does grow back weaker, there are times when it struggles to pierce the skin and a red spot forms. This is called an ingrown hair. With exfoliation, we can remove the dead skin and help the hair break through your skin.

Facial Exfoliation

If you exfoliate your face too much or too vigorously at home, you can create sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation and redness, no matter how even-toned or smooth your skin may be. In other words, you make things worse. Professional spa exfoliation ensures the right products and techniques are used on your skin for a smooth, refreshed face minus the sensitivity.

If you’re opting for facial peels, be sure to wait sometime between appointments. A chemical peel involves removing an entire layer of skin, so you want to give that layer chance to grow back. What’s more, avoid waxing after a peel as you could break or scrape your skin, exposing living, raw tissue that will scab.

As you can see, getting exfoliation just right for your body takes some know-how. Ditch the home attempts and welcome your skin home to itself with a Myrtle Beach professional exfoliation treatment.

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