How A Spa Helps You Recover After a Sports Injury

Getting injured is no fun at all, especially for athletes. Injuries impair your performance and delay training. They also hurt.

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Myrtle Beach Sports Massage Therapy Not only are injuries painful and frustrating, but they can take their toll on your body over time. The good news is that spa treatments, such as the Cinzia Spa massages in Myrtle Beach, can help you recover from sports injuries and prevent future injuries.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries

Massages are relaxing, you know that. But there are other key benefits. The overall point of a massage is to relieve tension in your body and help your muscles relax using a variety of hand strokes and oils.

While some massages might not have immediate effects on your body, they do work to release tensions and fluids deep within your muscles. It’s normal for the effects of a massage to be delayed, but you’ll typically feel an improvement by the next day.

Below are a few ways a spa massage treatment can help you recover from a sports-related injury.

  • Heal and prevent injuries – massages stretch your connective tissue, improving circulation. In turn, this breaks down and prevents adhesions. Massages also help to drain certain fluids, such as sulfur and phosphorous, which is necessary for tissue repair.
  • Shorten recovery times – after exercise or sports, carbonic acid, as well as lactic acid, build up in your muscles. By increasing your circulation, your body is better able to eliminate toxic fluids, shortening your recovery time.
  • Improved circulation – one of the most valuable benefits of massage therapy and other spa treatments is that the supply of oxygen and nutrients is increased thanks to the boost in blood flow. This all works together to help your body rebuild and repair itself.
  • Better range of motion – with a better range of motion and flexibility, you can enjoy increased performance and power to help you perform more efficiently with less chance of injury.
  • Prevent over-training – massage relaxes your muscles and calms the nervous system to prevent over-training which can lead to injuries.

Different Types of Massages for Sports Injuries

There are several types of massages that work to repair and strengthen your muscles and joints.

1. Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage uses hot stones to penetrate heat deep into your muscles. By reaching the deeper layers of the tissue, this allows for quicker sports injury recovery. What’s more, a hot stone massage can loosen muscles, treat hypertension, and help you manage your pain.

2. Swedish Massage

Most people think about a Swedish massage when they think about massage therapy. One of the main goals of this spa technique is to relax your entire body. This is done by using long gliding strokes along the muscles in the direction of blood flow toward the heart. But a Swedish massage doesn’t just welcome you home to yourself with utter relaxation. It’s extremely beneficial for decreasing toxins in your muscles, increasing oxygen levels in your blood, and boosting flexibility and circulation.

3. Sports Massage

Of course, sports massage is geared toward athletes, with the techniques specific to your sport of choice. This type of massage focuses on the areas that are stressed and overworked from repetitive movements to help relax the muscles, decrease the chance of injuries, and enhance performance.

4. Deep Tissue Massage

Similar to a Swedish massage, this massage goes deeper to release chronic tension. The massage works deep into the layers of tissue and tendons to help you recover from an injury.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, improved circulation and reduced muscle stiffness are reasons enough to enjoy a spa massage inn Myrtle Beach. For others, massage is essential for recovery after an injury.

Relax and repair with a professional spa massage at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach today.