8 Tips For Best Nails For The Prom

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Care for your nails before prom in Myrtle Beach There are tons of different nail styles and colors. The hardest thing is finding the perfect one for you, especially for a big event like prom. It’s not only your dress, skincare and accessories you need to think about for your special night. You also want your nails to be in their best condition.

Here are 8 tips to make sure your nails are in top shape in time for prom.

1. Regular Trimming

While long nails seem like a must-have, it’s far healthier to keep your nails neatly trimmed and short. Start trimming your nails in a rounded shape in the weeks before prom. It’s the perfect way to reduce the possibility of catching a nail on something and ripping it. Keep a nail file on you to keep edges smooth, and don’t forget to look after your toenails, too.

2. Stop Biting

If you bite your nails, it probably seems like a habit you’ll never break. But now’s the time to try. In the run-up to prom, try to keep your hands busy, like with a stress ball. Keeping your nails polished with pretty colors could also deter you from biting.

3. Keep Nails Hydrated

Keeping your hands and nails moisturized is the perfect way to keep nails healthy. Start applying moisturizing balm to your nails and cuticles every day, and even moisturize your cuticles throughout the day to encourage healthier nails.

4. Try a Paraffin Dip

Paraffin wax does wonders for your finger and toenails. The process involves dipping your hands into warm, ultra-nourishing wax. All you have to do is sit back and relax as your nails and skin absorb the wax’s nutrients and moisture.

5. Play Around with Colors

Of course, choosing a color that complements your dress and shoes is a must. Learn about complementary colors and how to create a harmonious look. If you’re wearing a white dress to prom, choose complementary colors like coral or even light blue. If you’re going for a classic black dress, you have plenty of options. Dark reds like crimson and scarlet work well, as does a glittery gold shade. Blue dresses work well with metallic finger and toenails, and if you’ve chosen a red prom dress, opt for something lighter, such as pink or a nude shade.

6. Get a Salon Treatment

Professional salon manicures and pedicures are the perfect way to get your nails prom-ready. You get to choose your polish color or ask for advice to make sure your nails complement your dress. During your salon treatment, you get to choose your favorite scent while the nail technician takes care of your cuticles and shapes your nails to encourage healthy growth and moisturized skin. A salon pedicure includes a foot soak, too, leaving your feet silky-soft for your beautiful prom shoes.

7. Book an Appointment the Day Before

It’s better to get your nails professionally done the day before your prom to give them time to set. You can then add an extra coat of clear polish to your manicure and pedicure on prom day to keep them from chipping or breaking.

8. Ditch the Chores

To help your prom-ready nails last, you might want to opt-out of chores for a day or two. Dunking your hands in water filled with detergents strips your nails of moisture and risks the color chipping and fading.

Getting your nails in top condition for prom should start now. With regular salon treatments in Myrtle Beach and the right home care, your nails will be strong, healthy, and gorgeous on your special night.

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