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Salt Therapy Benefits for Better Breathing, Healthier Skin and Sounder Sleep

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salt therapy spa treatments myrtle beach Providing state-of-the-art spa treatments, Cinzia Spa is Myrtle Beach’s premier spot for all things wellness. With a focus on physical wellbeing, mental relaxation, sports recovery, beauty and fitness, Cinzia truly is a spa for everyone. Guests can choose to purchase a membership or book the spa for private events and indulge in treatments such as massages, facials, exfoliation and more!

After stepping foot into the fabulous 17,000 square foot sanctuary, you will feel instantly at home and relaxed. The welcoming atmosphere will envelop you immediately upon arrival – it is the perfect location for taking the time out for some well-deserved self-care and luxury.

Cinzia Spa is situated along North Myrtle Beach and offers a wide range of fabulous spa services and packages. From the infrared sauna to cyrotherapy to reflexology, microdermabrasion and a wide range of massages – Cinzia Spa is the place to go for recentering and rejuvenation.

We welcome you to The Journal where we will highlight our wide ranging treatments and their benefits. Welcome home to yourself!

Salt Therapy Health Benefits

One of our well-loved but perhaps lesser known treatments in Myrtle Beach is Salt Therapy. A relatively new type of spa experience – Salt Therapy has numerous, tangible benefits. These include better breathing, healthier skin, and all-around sounder sleep.

Salt Therapy is a natural, holistic and drug-free practice that uses micro-particles of salt to improve overall wellness. Ancient philosophers and healers have recommended the practice of inhaling salt as a remedy to common respiratory issues and health problems for many years – the practice of dry salt therapy stemming back to Greek and Roman communities thousands of years ago.

Several forms of Salt Therapy have been known and used over time. Whilst the treatments originated in salt caves or salt mines, today you can enjoy benefits in the comfort of a modern spa facility.

Generally speaking, Salt Therapy is the practice of inhaling salt in minute quantities as a natural therapy for respiratory ailments. Through this process, fine salt particles reach every part of the respiratory system – in turn reducing inflammation, killing bacteria, and lifting mucus from the tissue linings within the lung. This is effective because salt is a natural antiseptic and a natural anti-inflammatory. Salt can kill germs within the respiratory system whilst also managing inflammation in the entire respiratory system.

Salt has an impact on our energy, cell activity, and our blood sugar levels. The detoxifying and calming effects of Salt Therapy are proven to support the nervous, lymphatic, and immune systems – which in turn increases energy and reduces stress and headaches. What’s more, pure mineral salts are highly moisturizing because they attract moisture to the skin.

Cinzia Spa Treatments in Myrtle Beach

Through becoming a member or simply booking a one-off treatment with Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of Salt Therapy in no time at all. Whether you’re looking to improve the condition of your skin, the quality of your sleep, enhance your breathing, or simply unwind with a relaxing session dedicated to wellness, Cinzia Spa promises a healing environment and a renewing experience.

In our busy, modern world – it’s so important that we take the time out for self-care, wellbeing, and rejuvenation. The Himalayan Salt Suite at Cinzia Spa promises exactly that.

Above all, Cinzia Spa and Wellness Center in Myrtle Beach is an inspired space designed to connect you to health, healing, and radiant beauty – from the inside out. At this modern facility, every single treatment, product, and service has been created with your nourishment and wellness in mind.

Time spent at Cinzia is a gift to yourself. Reward yourself for keeping up with life’s many demands and give in to some well-deserved relaxation and ‘me time’. Book Now with Cinzia Spa today and welcome home to yourself!