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Warm Up Your Body and Soul with Winter Spa Treatments

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Stay warm this winter with body warming spa treatments Winter is harsh on your skin. Whether you’re shoveling snow or commuting to work, the wind and cold air can leave your skin feeling raw. Add to that temperature changes as you go from indoors to outdoors, and it’s a recipe for feeling dry, tired, and downright miserable. The cold, long winter months also tend to keep us inside, eating more, sleeping more, and cutting down on exercise. You’re left feeling sluggish and drained. Your skin chaps from too much heating. Your circulation takes a knock. But taking a little time out for a winter warm-up spa treatment in Myrtle Beach is the perfect way to give your body and skin a boost, not to mention it does wonders for the soul as you melt away winter blues and enjoy a whole host of benefits.

Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Spa Treatments in Myrtle Beach

1. Achieve a Fresh Glow

Winter is ideal for facials. During the cooler months, UV rays are lower. While that’s a good thing, many people change skincare products in the winter for richer, more nourishing options. But some ingredients, like acids, can increase pigmentation and photosensitivity.

A winter facial can encourage circulation, restore moisture, and reset your skin to leave you glowing and refreshed, even on the coldest of days.

Our Signature Hydrafacial if a wonderful way to detox your winter skin and reveal a summertime glow. Our Immune Boost Facial will leave you looking hydrated and healthy. Infused with Vitamin C, the facial helps prevent early signs of aging and you can enhance your treatment by adding a peel or lip treatment.

2. Keep Pain Away

Spa treatments help to ease the pain that’s often worse during colder weather, like arthritis.

Massages especially, improve blood circulation to the extremities and reduce aches and pain. Regular winter massages encourage blood flow and warm you up, boosting your circulatory system while leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

A Swedish massage is a perfect way to destress. When you add aromatherapy or deep tissue enhancement, you can look forward to a relaxed, warm winter glow.

3. Easier Breathing

Massage treatments combined with some time in the sauna helps to ease winter congestion. That means that even when colds and flu are doing the rounds, you can breathe easier. Our Wellness Circuit includes an infrared sauna session combined with a Himalayan Salt suite, and cryotherapy. It’s a combination that helps fight off winter infections and gives your immune system an exceptional boost.

When your immune system’s healthy, and your circulation’s flowing, you can enjoy clearer lungs and easier breathing all through winter.

4. Soothe Chapped Skin

The cold, dry winter air obliterates your skin’s moisture, resulting in chapped and sometimes painful skin. The nourishing flower essences and organic shea butter in our Ultimate Zen package, along with a full-body scrub and steam shower, wrap and massage hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth and soothed.

5. Boost Your Mood

Visiting the spa in Myrtle Beach during the winter can boost those happy hormones. Whether you become a spa member, book yourself in for regular manicures and pedicures, or treat yourself to a combination treatment, a spa trip is a way to relax and ward off those winter blues.

Treat Yourself. You Deserve It

Winter can be miserable. It’s cold, it’s dry, and your skin and muscles take a beating. With our winter spa specials, it’s time to celebrate you and say goodbye to dry skin, aches and pains, and the winter blues.

Embrace winter. Embrace yourself.

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