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Facials To Try At Cinzia Spa For All Skin Types

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A facial treatment at Cinzia Spa With today’s vast array of skin treatments such as products, procedures and facials, it can be downright baffling to decide which one is most beneficial for you. There are so many choices and each one is designed to benefit your individual skin type.

At Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach we provide treatments tailored to your specific needs. Our professional estheticians understand just what it takes to turn up your glow and we offer all levels of facial skin care as well as skin treatments for back, full body, hands and feet. We extend our services to men, women and teens. Here is a breakdown of the best skincare treatments at Cinzia Spa.

Facials and Advanced Skin Care Systems

If you’ve never experienced a Cinzia Spa facial then you’re in for a treat! With a variety of treatments to choose from you’re certain to find the right skin treatments to restore, renew and revitalize your complexion.

Cinzia Signature Facial: Our Signature Facial is one of the most popular options available. Your path to glowing skin begins with a consultation with a skin therapist to address your specific concerns. A personalized treatment is then designed and customized to incorporate innovative and high quality ingredients to refresh and renew your complexion. Our Signature Facial also includes a hand, arm and foot massage with hydrating shea butters, flower essences and peptides to restore damaged and aging skin.

Marshmallow Whip: This deeply hydrating and decadent facial is sure to drench your skin in moisture-restoring peptides and botanicals. All while treating your senses to a relaxing and transformative experience.

Luminous Hydrating Peel: For those who are eager to halt the signs of aging and stop those fine lines in their tracks, a hydrating peel is the answer. Our AHA complex provides gentle exfoliation and hydration. Your skin will glow with the appearance of youth and good health.

Shine Bright Microdermabrasion: Skin that’s acne-scarred, sun damaged, and bears uneven texture and large pores can make even the most confident person a little shy. Restore your confidence and your skin with our Shine Bright Like A Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion facial treatment. Your skin will be perfectly polished, look younger and more refined after the Shine Bright skin treatment.

Brightening Facials: At Cinzia Spa we believe in using nature’s gifts to perfect your complexion. The popular Vitamin C Brightening Facial incorporates a proven remedy for sallow, lackluster and aging skin. Your skin will be noticeably renewed and your complexion tight, brighter, deeply moisturized and glowing with youth afterward. Riberry, Muntries and Pepperberry from Australia come together in our Triple Berry Brightening skin treatment to deeply nourish aging and tired skin with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to restore skin’s health and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Gentlemen’s Facial: The man in your life will benefit from the powerful anti-aging ingredients in our Gentlemen’s Facial. Peptides, stem-cells and exfoliators come together to polish, invigorate and restore health to the skin.

Teen Facial: Skincare 101 isn’t a required class but a necessary experience for every teenager under 16. Tailored specifically to the hormonally-challenged skin of those tender teen years our teen skin treatment exfoliates using enzymes to address acne, clarify and deep clean pores and finishes with a mask made with soothing green tea to brighten skin and tighten those teenage pores.

MandeliClear with Vitamin A Accelerator: For women of color who desire a deeper treatment with dramatic results, this is the skin treatment for you. Using a combination of an acid complex combined with vitamin A to accelerate gentle yet effective peeling this unique skin treatment system goes deep to unveil renewed, flawless skin. Your advanced skin treatment includes a three-day kit to use at home following your peel.

SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation System: The SWiCH system uses skin’s own natural ability to repair and renew while promoting peeling of tired, aging skin. Your complexion will achieve optimum appearance after a few days and will continue to glow due to a boost in your natural collagen and elastin production. The SWiCH system also includes a three-day post-treatment kit to assist in achieving your goal of younger, more vibrant skin.

The Rest of Your Body Deserves Attention Too

When we say skincare at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we aren’t limiting our professional expertise to just your face.

We also offer body renewals like our Sugar Glow, using all the secrets of the tropics to boost your natural glow and make sure your skin is ready for summer.

Our popular massage treatments relax your mind, body and soul. Your circulation is boosted which promotes good health in so many ways and our massage escapes are customized for your skincare needs. Deep hydration, relaxation and a renewal of spirit are just a few of the benefits our Light Workers impart.

CBD Oil treatments infuse this holistic oil into our hydrating massage, body polish and restorative body wrap. The remarkable benefits of CBD are renown. Try one of our organically grown, ethically sourced CBD skin treatments today and you’ll gain the benefits of holistic good health for yourself.

At Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we strive to help you uncover all the beauty you have to offer, inside and out. Schedule a facial or advanced skin treatment and a restorative massage today and welcome yourself home to all the beauty of you.