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7 Things You Can Do To Take Care Better Care Of Your Hands And Feet

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Hand and foot treatments in Myrtle Beach Looking after your hands and feet isn’t just about soap and moisturizer. A few simple steps added to your routine can protect your digits against all sorts of germs and infections. Your hands are the body part you use the most, while feet take their toll from bearing your weight all day long. What’s more, colder months lead to your hands and feet looking and feeling cracked, full, dry, and even red. You probably already have a routine for facial care. But what do you do for your hands and feet? Regular hand and foot care goes a long way to lasting health benefits.

Below are 7 things you can do to put your best hands and feet forward.

1. Keep them clean

Keeping hands and feet as clean as you can is the most important way to care for them, but regularly using antibacterial soap can leave your skin dry and cracked. Instead, use a moisturizing soap made with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, olive oil or shea butter to feed your skin rather than strip it of natural oils.

As for feet, you’ll find they get very dirty during the warmer months. Enclosed in tight shoes all day long, your feet are prone to psoriasis, infections, blisters, and nasty odors. Make a point of washing your feet carefully and often. If you can’t reach in the bath or shower, use a long-handled brush and remember to get between your toes.

2. Invest in a nail brush

A quality nail brush helps remove dirt that’s stuck under your nails. Scrub gently for extra-clean fingernails and toenails.

3. Keep your nails in good shape

Nail clippers can help you keep your nails at your preferred length. A crystal nail file will help you shape them. Alternatively, treat yourself to regular, moisturizing manicures that work to exfoliate and hydrate the skin and keep your nails in great shape.

The same goes for your toenails and the skin on your feet. During winter, you’ll want to moisturize more than once a day to keep your feet silky-smooth.

A detoxifying pedicure in Myrtle Beach uses shea butter and muscle-soothing soak to promote healthy, clean, and thoroughly nourished hands and feet. An Epsom salt soak infused with shea butter and arnica, along with a scrub and paraffin dip all work together to seal in the moisture and defy signs of aging.

4. Don’t forget the gloves

Whether you’re spending time in the garden or washing up after dinner, don’t forget to wear gloves. Detergents and cleaning solutions are harsh on your skin.

5. Watch what you wear

Try to alternate the shoes you wear from one day to the next. Shoes need time to air so they don’t breed infections and odors.

6. Ditch the flat shoes

Flat shoes don’t offer adequate arch support. The same goes for spending time barefoot. Flat feet can result in an array of foot problems. Try to minimize how much time you spend in flat shoes to keep your feet healthy and strong.

7. Keep pain away

Your feet should never hurt. If your shoes are too tight and misshapen, it can lead to distorted toes and painful growths. If your heel of choice is high, choose wide, stable heels and wide toe boxes for ultimate comfort and foot health.

Welcome Home to Healthy Hands and Feet

Aging, health concerns and weight fluctuations can call lead to changes in your skin hydration and circulation. Add to that busy days on your feet or working with your hands and life takes its toll. Regular treatments in Myrtle Beach will keep your digits soft, hydrated, and in excellent health.
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