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Self-Care Express – How to Slow Down and Reset

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Relaxing Body Treatments in Myrtle Beach There are plenty of benefits to day spa packages for the body, mind, and soul. In fact, if you’re in need of some downtime, don’t even hesitate to treat yourself to a spa treatment in Myrtle Beach. You shouldn’t need an excuse to indulge in some relaxation and spa time. But if you do, just consider all the benefits of a trip to the spa and a little time out just for you. Here are some of the best reasons to treat yourself to a spa day.

Reduce Aches and Pains

Any time you take time out for yourself and do something you enjoy helps your body relax. Whether it’s a quick massage or a relaxing facial, a little pamper time can help reduce stress-related joint and muscle pain. If you do suffer from muscular pain that’s not related to any physical disorders, treating yourself to a spa spoil is sure to make you feel better.

Manage Stress

Self-care time is the perfect way to unwind. One of the best ways to relieve stress and melt away your troubles, even for a little while, is with a spa treatment. Spas are relaxing and rejuvenating. Regular treatments can even help improve the quality of your sleep and aid in your overall well-being.

Promotes Quality Sleep

Speaking of sleep, if you do struggle to get a good night’s rest, regular trips to the spa can help you catch a whole lot more Z’s. Facials and massages relax your muscles, working to maintain a healthy heart rate and lower blood pressure. Altogether, these benefits contribute to a far more peaceful night’s sleep.

Eliminates Toxins

Warm temperatures open up your pores, doing wonders for tired, dry, and stressed-out skin. As the pores open, so your skin eliminates toxins and dirt. That means you’ll leave your session with cleaner, clearer skin and feeling as though you’ve had a detox.

Switch Off from the World

We’re all permanently connected these days, what with phones, tablets, and Wi-Fi just about everywhere you go. But spa time is time for quiet reflection. A time to get back in touch with yourself. Being connected all the time is overwhelming. But step into a spa and you’re stepping into a no laptop, no phone, and no internet zone so you can really switch off from the world, even for a little while.

A Happiness Boost

Among the benefits of self-care, spa treatments offer biological benefits for your body, too, especially when it comes to happiness. Massages, for instance, release serotonin, the happiness hormone, boosting your mood. Best of all, you can reap that happiness boost for days after your treatment.

An Influx In Energy

Depending on the oils and products used during your spa treatment, spa treatments can give you a much-needed energy boost. There are several revitalizing oils that are perfect for vitality, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Self-Care, Done In Your Time

A pampering spa day reminds you that “you” time is important. With our Self-Care Express package, though, you don’t need to put your entire day on hold to treat yourself to self-love. The package includes an express facial, classic manicure or pedicure and a neck, back and shoulders massage. While it only takes 75 minutes, we’ve designed it in a way that helps you to slow down and refresh. It’s just enough time to send you back into the world feeling brand-new. Life is hectic. But you don’t need to put yourself on hold to take care of everyone else. Isn’t it time you renewed you?

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