January 31, 2022

6 Tips To Love Yourself More This Valentine’s Day And Beyond

We hear a lot about self care and self love, but how exactly do you achieve it? Busy schedules, exhaustion, and guilt are all roadblocks on the path to caring for yourself properly, and it can be hard to overcome those obstacles.

The first step to self care is carving out some time for yourself during the day. You may not be able to do it every day, but every second you allow yourself to dedicate some time to yourself is a win for you. Self care can include many things. Here are just a few ways to show yourself a little love this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Book A Spa Treatment

At Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we have plenty of relaxing spa treatments to help show yourself a little TLC. From our signature massages to facials and advanced skincare treatments such as the Hydrafacial, there’s something for everyone to help you welcome home to yourself and show yourself a little love.

Want to make it a regular thing? You can even book a series of services to not just extend the life of your treatment and make your results look even better, but you’ll automatically have that time set aside for yourself with each appointment.

Short on time? Our 25 minutes or less express menu allows you to get an abbreviated treatment that will leave you looking and feeling your best on a time budget!

Get A Spa Membership

A spa membership at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach allows you valuable discounts to the spa, but also use of our state-of-the-art fitness center. Working out not only helps you build muscle and lose fat, it can help clear your head, and it gives you some time to be at one with your thoughts, without the distraction of your daily life.

Read A Book

If you have time to scroll on your phone, you probably can carve out five minutes a day to read a book. Who knows, you may even get immersed in the story and read for longer- but set yourself a reasonable goal and try to stick with it. Reading expands your vocabulary and helps you get lost in a world that’s different from your own, which can sometimes be just what you need.

Take A Walk

Get those endorphins going with a simple walk around the block. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, a walk can help clear your mind, strengthen your body, and create a feeling of well-being. Start with small goals and work your way to longer and longer walks. Invest in a digital pedometer and track your progress. Challenge yourself, and you could be amazed at the changes!

Treat Yourself

Don’t feel guilty about grabbing that ice cream cone, or indulging in luxurious spa beauty products that leave your skin feeling soft and smelling delicious. The gift shop at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach carries many products such as the Zents line to help aid in relaxation and address many skincare concerns. Drop by today and speak with one of our representatives about which products can best address your individual needs.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is something we all need more of. It can be hard to find time to get to bed earlier, or to wake up later in the morning, but finding that time in your evening is essential to having a better day. Sleeping well improves cognitive skills, and can help you lose weight, alleviate signs of depression, and much more. If you feel as though you sleep an adequate amount of time but you still feel tired and sluggish throughout the day, speak to your physician. You could be suffering from a sleep disorder like sleep apnea without realizing it.

Remember, it may be Valentine’s Day for just one day, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop loving yourself the other 364 days of the year! To get started on your self-care journey, contact Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach to schedule an appointment.

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