May 13, 2024

A Cinzia Spa Membership is the Ultimate Investment in Your Self Care

A Day in the Life of a Cinzia Spa Member: Amenities, Rollover Benefits, and More

It’s been said that “membership has its privileges” and truer words have never been spoken when it comes to a membership at Cinzia Spa. All the self-care and wellness-complementing services, indulgent treatments, exclusive products, and special advantages are there for you when you enroll in our community of wellness seekers. Now is the time to put yourself first! Let’s take a look at what a membership includes.

The Amenities of A Membership

Stress is a killer, and finding ways to combat the effects of stress can be difficult. But with your membership to Cinzia Spa, you have entry into the best stress-relieving venue on the Grand Strand. Spa life can be yours to indulge in as you wish. Tough day? Schedule your massage escape and come away relaxed and refreshed. Here’s what you’ll get with your membership level:

  • Silver members receive one 50-minute Signature Treatment or Signature manicure and pedicure per month!
  • Gold members receive two 50-minute Signature Services or Signature Mani-Pedi each month.
  • Platinum members get three 50-minute Signature services or Signature mani-pedis per month.

Also included:

  • All members receive discounts such as 15% on additional services for the month, 15% discount on wellness services, and 10% on all spa retail items.
  • Additionally, you will get full access to all spa amenities whenever Cinzia Spa is open. 
  • Separate men’s and women’s locker service with robes and slippers provided to you.
  • Use of the shower facilities and eucalyptus steam room along with a fully stocked vanity area for your needs.
  • Indoor/Outdoor relaxation lounge for your pleasure, which includes complimentary tea, infused water, and granola snacks.
  • Outdoor Garden Sanctuary with heated whirlpool to ease away the remains of the day.

Your Privileges Roll Over

One reason we think our Cinzia Spa membership is among the best? If for any reason you can’t use your monthly privilege we roll it over into the next month. Your unused Signature Services benefits may be rolled over indefinitely as long as you maintain your membership.

Open Up A World of Wellness

Your Cinzia Spa membership opens a whole new world of health and wellness. When you begin practicing just one of the self-care support services at Cinzia, it can truly change your life. Studies show that introducing just one healthy habit, such as massage or relaxation, may protect you from more serious and chronic health problems. Talk about a domino effect!

Get to Know Seaside Luxury at Cinzia Spa

Don’t just take our word for it! Come by Cinzia Spa during business hours for a complimentary tour of our spa and services. We would love to have you!

Please note, you must be 18 years or older to obtain our exclusive membership. You can cancel anytime after three months (but we doubt you’ll want to)! Our services are curated and tailored to your needs. Luxury attention in our seaside setting is all you need to experience true bliss. And, please keep in mind we do offer gift memberships, which are a perfect way to commemorate any special occasion. For more information, please reach out to Cinzia Spa today.

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