March 19, 2024

Perfect Spring Break Treatments For Ultimate Relaxation

The cold days of winter have passed, and now we’re enjoying longer days filled with sunshine and spring breezes. At Cinzia Spa, we believe there is no better time to take advantage of our spring break treatments. We offer services that indulge, pamper, and provide the ultimate relaxation and the self care you deserve. Here are just a few ways you can satisfy your soul and ease into the warm and wonderful season ahead.

AlgoMask Facial

Envelop your complexion in a soothing and hydrating thermo-cooling treatment that tightens as it brightens and removes the appearance of redness from your skin. The AlgoMask Facial is clinically proven to relieve even the most sensitive skin. The hydrating effects are immediate and long-lasting and the decongesting and detoxifying agents bring your skin into radiant balance. 

The Algo Mask was developed by G.M. Collin, renowned for their science-backed skincare. You can maintain your post-facial glow with our G.M. Collin take-home products, Hydramucine Optimal Cream and Hydrating Mist. G.M. Collin goes beyond the usual methods for relieving dry, dehydrated skin and rises to the challenge of restoring skin’s youthful appearance. The immediate comfort and refreshing feeling must be experienced to be believed. Elevate your skin care with the AlgoMask Facial, a refreshing favorite among our spring break treatments.

Body in Balance Ritual

Summer is poised and ready to invigorate your life in all the best ways. Get ready to enjoy all that is to come when you experience our incredible Body in Balance Ritual. Boost your immune system and balance your energy when you begin your ritual with a CBD Vitality Elixir followed by a hydrotherapy soak in ultra-relaxing CBD and Epsom Bath Truffle. Next, let our special formula of fine sea salt, sugar crystals and shea butter work its magic as you receive the ultimate pampering full body scrub. 

You’ll feel more relaxed and oh-so-stress-free already when your balancing and restorative massage begins. Feel your muscles unfurl and relaxation envelop every cell as your therapist massages a special CBD restorative balm from your head to your toes. Then your body is wrapped in a cocoon of warmth to open your pores and allow ultimate relaxation and softening hydration to penetrate even deeper. The finishing touch? A soothing scalp massage. This two and a half hour ritual balances, restores and reinvigorates your body to enjoy the season ahead. It’s one of our most luxurious and indulgent spring break treatments.

Hydrating Body Polish

Uncover your smoothest, softest and sleekest skin ever when you enjoy the Hydrating Body Polish. The buffing effects of fine sea salt and sugar crystals remove the dull and dry remnants of winter’s impact on your skin. Your new spring-ready skin can now receive the nourishing, softening and soothing application of shea butter and coconut oil that is as protective as it is pampering. Enjoy the relaxation of our Hydrating Body Polish as you unveil your stunning skin for the warmer months ahead.

Please reach out to Cinzia Spa today and book  your perfect spring break treatments. We can’t wait to have you!

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