April 29, 2024

Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Why Every Bride Deserves a Spa Day Before Saying ‘I Do’

The days and months leading up to your wedding are often filled with the stress of planning each detail. Don’t carry that stress into your special day! Reward your endeavors and shine bright on your wedding day when you book a special pre-wedding spa day at Cinzia Spa. Make it a day just for you, invite your bridal party, or book some beautiful bonding time with the mother-of-the-bride. We also offer spa brunch for groups up to 20, for the perfect bachelorette celebration. In any event, we know a spa day will enhance your “happily-ever-after” and add that special bit of joy to your already-perfect day.

Our Signature Spa Package to Relax and Restore 

The love you share will be celebrated as you exchange your vows before family and friends. But the planning that leads to the perfect day carries a lot of stress. Cinzia Spa’s Signature Experience eases away that stress and anxiety.

Treat yourself to our signature massage and escape to a place of total relaxation. Let our massage therapists’ magic ease the tension from your body and mind. You’re filled with a sense of calm and serenity as you prepare to thoroughly enjoy your special day. Upgrade to a Body Butter massage to accentuate your glow.

Complete your Spa Package with a signature facial (though not recommended less than 1-2 weeks before your wedding day), and manicure and pedicure for the fully indulgent package. Our Spa Package is a wonderful way to treat your attendants, your mother-in-law-to-be, and your own mom.

A Beautiful Bride Begins With Zen

As the bride, you’ve put so much into planning your wedding. Let us help you relax and rejuvenate before you take that first step down the aisle. We’ve created signature rituals with you in mind. When you schedule our Ultimate Zen Ritual, rest assured you’ll be treated to the perfect relaxing, rejuvenating, and restorative experience. Every bride deserves the ultimate zen.

Aromatherapy surrounds you for your entire service. The scents work to ease your mind and help your body unwind. Your ritual begins with a full-body sugar, salt, and sumptuous shea butter scrub to exfoliate and reveal your picture-perfect radiant glow. Next, you’ll rinse away the stress in our signature steam shower. 

Shea butter, melted and infused with Vitamin E and the firming, smoothing properties of para cress extract warms your skin as our massage therapist paints your body with our unique blend. 

Next comes the hot oil scalp massage, administered while your body is wrapped so the infused shea butter may continue its bioactive work. Then comes a full body massage. Indulge in 50 minutes of personalized massage to relieve any remaining tension and ease you into a state of pure bliss.

Create Balance Within for Your Wedding Day

Ease those pre-wedding jitters with our Body In Balance Ritual. We use the calming and anxiety-squashing properties of CBD throughout your indulgent ritual. Begin by sipping our CBD Vitality Elixir water infusion. Next, a soak in our hydrotherapy tub washes away tension and worries with the addition of a CBD and Epsom salt bath truffle. Then, an exfoliating body scrub using sea salt, sugar, and shea butter uncovers your inner radiance. Relaxing steam surrounds you as you escape to the steam shower to rinse away your gentle exfoliation scrub. 

Now comes the massage that eases you into a dreamy state of total relaxation and prepares you for your big day. First, your therapist applies a CBD-infused balm all over your body. This special balm softens and renews your skin while it relaxes your joints and muscles. Next, you’re wrapped in a cocoon while the healing and restorative properties of our CBD-infused balm work to hydrate and promote a sense of calm relaxation. Complete your journey to total harmony with a soothing scalp massage. Bring on the wedding march because you’re balanced, calm, and more than ready. 

Let Us Help You Shine Bright Like a Diamond on Your Special Day

Cinzia Spa believes every bride deserves a day of pampering before her wedding. These are just a few of the services we suggest. Please reach out to Cinzia Spa and we’ll customize a spa day just for you. Also, remember our spa gift cards offer a special way to thank those who are part of your bridal party. 

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