March 28, 2022

The Benefits of Topical CBD Oil

It seems like you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing or hearing about CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol is a natural product that promotes relaxation, but it also has many health benefits, too, including the reduction of inflammation, and the reduction of pain.

At Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we believe in total body wellness, and we use CBD in many of our spa services, including massages and body treatments. While some CBD can be ingested, we use the Zents Antara line of topical CBD in our treatments. We also sell the Antara CBD line in our Spa Gift Shop.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of CBD oil and what our different products can do for you, keep reading!

100 MG Bath Truffle

The 100 MG Bath Truffle from the Zents Antara line is a luxurious way to soak your cares away with the relaxing benefits of CBD. These bath treats pack a revitalizing punch in a small package. Experience the soothing calm of CBD right at home!

300 MG Restore Balm

The Zents Antara CBD Restore Balm is a versatile balm that can be used on both face and body to help moisturize, soothe, and calm the skin. This fantastic balm will elevate your CBD experience and set a new standard for how you feel about luxury CBD products.

300 MG Balance Oil

The 300 MG Balance Oil by Zents Antara is great for massaging into the skin and promoting feelings of calm. It also makes your skin glow, and appear smoother, younger, and healthier. It can be used on the face or anywhere on the body that needs a little extra TLC.

800 MG Relief Balm

The Zents Antara 800 MG Relief Balm is a soothing and powerful balm which uses a blend of ingredients to help address tense and stressed areas of the body. Use this balm as you would a lotion, and you’ll experience feelings of relief in the applied areas.

In addition to offering the Zents Antara line in our Spa Gift Shop, we also offer the CBD product line in many of our spa services.

To learn more about our CBD rituals, or to learn more about any of the Zents Antara CBD line, please contact Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach today.

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