October 24, 2022

What Is The Teen Dream Package?

The teenage years are delicate. What with raging hormones, packed schedules, and lots of pressure to perform at the top of their game – and lets not even get started on social pressures like friends, family, and social media. But what if there was something you could do to help your teen relax for a day, and let the stress of the outside world melt away, even just briefly? The great news is that you can, with the help of the Teen Dream Package at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach.

The Teen Dream package is a Spa package designed specifically for teenagers. This package includes four services that will help pamper your teen and make them feel not just relaxed, but loved. The Teen Dream package includes the following Teens Only spa services, which are also available individually.

Intro To Massage

The Intro To Massage is a beginner massage for teenagers to help them understand what massage is about, and how it can benefit their muscles. The Intro To Massage will go over your teen’s individual needs, and provides a 25 minute massage for your teen.

Skin Care 101

Class is in session! Not really, but the Skincare 101 treatment is kind of like a class. This treatment will help determine any skin issues your teen may be having, including acne, and help your teen with a treatment plan designed to address those issues. Then, your teen gets a soothing facial to treat their individual needs!

TWe een Manicure

The Teen Manicure is a fun 25 minute treatment that includes the ability for your teen to pick their own aromatherapy scent. Their cuticles will be trimmed and nails shaped and polished with our vegan Dazzle Dry polish.

Teen Pedicure

The teen pedicure is similar to the Teen Manicure, but for the feet, of course! This 25 minute treatment will have your teen’s feet feeling soft and supple and ready to hit the ground running!

The total time for the Teen Dream Package is 125 minutes, for just $225, and teens under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. To learn more about the Teen Dream package or any of the individual Teen or other services we offer, please contact Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach today!

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