June 12, 2023

Cool Specials To Heat Up Your Summer

Summer’s here, and if you’re looking for a way to stay “Coola” this season, you deserve a Coola treatment from Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach. Our Coola specials use the Coola skincare line and are here for a limited time, so don’t miss out.

Consider these unique Coola treatments if you’re looking for a special treatment that will leave you feeling as cool as a cucumber.

The Skinny Dip Ritual – $290 / 120 minutes

Do you lead a hectic life? Or you’re a sun worshipper or an avid traveler. Whatever you do, you probably could use a little r&r. The Skinny Dip Ritual is the perfect solution!

The Ritual begins with a soak in our hydrotherapy jacuzzi tub, with our Pure Fiji Coconut Milk Bath and a glass of champagne. This will soften the skin and start relaxing you. Next, gentle skin buffing with coconut and papaya enzymes will further exfoliate the skin. Rinse off in our private steam shower, and continue by applying warm coconut oil for a soothing, full-body massage that will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed, and refreshed.

The Cooling Scalp Treatment – $75 / 25 minutes

A massage or facial add-on is always a good idea, and you deserve it! Add on our Cooling Scalp Treatment, which uses acupressure to relax and soothe the scalp. It is ideal for those exposed to excessive sun or wind pressure, so this add-on is the perfect treat if you’re a golfer or beachgoer!

The treatment uses Coola’s Exquisite Ocean Salted Sage & Hair Mist, packed with beneficial ingredients like monoi oil, gotu kola extract, and provitamin b5. These ingredients promote healthier, shinier hair while helping to ease the effects of the elements on the scalp.

The Great Barrier Facial – $225 / 70 minutes

Nothing is more delicate than the skin on your face. Pamper it with our Great Barrier Facial. The Great Barrier Facial is perfect for sun-damaged skin or anyone wanting to restore their natural glow.

The treatment begins with a relaxing facial and continues with an acupressure scalp massage and cooling spa treatment, followed by an application of antioxidant-rich sunscreen to help protect her skin from the elements.

Remember, the Coola Specials are only available for a limited time, so please inquire at the Spa for more information. These treatments aren’t just perfect for you, either. They make great gifts for dads, grads, and everyone looking for a relaxing and refreshing way to relax this summer!

Please get in touch with Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach for more information.

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